2017 Premier's Awards of Excellence in Design

Landscape Architecture

Award of Excellence

Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Brighton Parks and Ponds

Brighton is a new 867 acre, master planned community on the east side of Saskatoon. When completed, Brighton will be home to over 15,000 residents. As part of the planning process, an overall Open Space Master Plan was prepared which provides the framework for park and open space development.

The park system includes approximately 86 acres plus 41 acres of ponds and wetlands. There are three different types of parks: 

  • Pocket Parks (6) are spaced strategically so residents can walk to a park within minutes. Play areas are provided to appeal to younger children.
  • Linear Parks (15) provide connected walking/cycling paths throughout the neighbourhood, as well as interpretive opportunities associated with the ponds and wetlands. 
  • and community centre site. It accommodates a range of active and passive recreation opportunities. At the south Neighbourhood Core Park is located in the centre of the neighbourhood, adjacent to the proposed joint-use school end an amphitheatre is proposed overlooking the large pond and wetlands.

The ponds and wetlands will draw people closer to nature and engage the public in the various functions that stormwater ponds and wetlands provide. There will be integrated pathways, lookouts, interpretive panels and naturalized landscaping around the ponds. Habitat will be provided for a diversity of animals, birds, and insects, including aquatic species. 

Phase One of the park and pond development was completed in 2016 at a cost of over $4 million. Already the parksare popular, in particular the play areas, drawing users from throughout Saskatoon and beyond.

"Exceptionally bold idea!"

Award of Merit

City of Saskatoon

Core Strength: 21st Street Renewal

"Great approach to storm water management."

Award of Merit

Crosby Hanna & Associates

McOrmond Drive Green Bridge

"Lovely variety of plantings and meandering trail."