Wednesday, September 27

Jason Kasper

Interior Designer (Winnipeg, MB)

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Jason Kasper is the founder and Principal of IDEATE Design Consulting Inc. He began the company in 2002 with the mandate to create innovative design solutions attainable to as many as possible. Since then, the firm has gone on to work with a diverse range of clients on many successful projects. 

In recent years, Jason has become increasingly involved in the National Advocacy Group for Interior Design in Canada. Within that group, he is focused on emerging professionals and the development of a National Awards Program.

To IDEATE is to imagine, conceive and form ideas. This is the foundation of IDEATE Design Consulting Inc. The company is based on no one individual, and the belief that every project can be imaginative - and that true collaboration yields innovation. For this reason, Jason is engaged in a wide variety of projects, from commercial to healthcare, corporate to residential. The design process for each project type is similarly rooted. He employs a “GATHER-ANALYZE-SYNTHESIZE” project delivery process.

The variables distinguishing the direction each project will take are the clients themselves, who bring their own perspectives and expertise. These clients become integrated members of the design team, contributing to the collaborative environment that is created within IDEATE’s Design Studio. Through careful listening and the development of an understanding of each client’s critical success factors, we are better able to translate expressed goals and ideas into a sustainable, and truly unique spatial solution that will serve clients and end-users for years to come.

Having been involved in numerous multi-disciplinary design teams, Jason and his team thrive in an environment where they have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to best support their community. Jason’s understanding of the broader context and social impact of these projects help inform the design decisions, both macro and micro. The equation is simple – get the job done when promised and to budget. This has led to numerous repeat clients and overall satisfaction.

A firm commitment to Continued Education allows Jason and his team to remain informed and capable as building codes, construction methods, environmental capacities, technologies, and product markets evolve. His team works diligently to remain current but strives to avoid being slavishly trendy “for the sake of the trend”.

Jason also shares a strong commitment to his community, volunteering for many community groups and being present and involved in his community. He works with many local groups including The Children’s Hospital, The West Broadway Youth Outreach Group and The Manitoba Theatre Centre, among others. He strives to make great design accessible to all through demonstration and education.

He is an active member of the Professional Interior Designers of Manitoba (PIDIM) and the Interior Designers of Canada (IDC), currently serving as First Vice President. He was also a Sessional Instructor at University of Manitoba for Faculty of Architecture - Interior Design Master’s Studio3 in 2016.

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