Friday, October 25, Saskatoon

Sarah Gajadhar

Systems Engineer (Regina)

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Sarah Gajadhar, Principal Consultant with SG Consulting Inc is a proud product of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Applied Science from the U of R in Electronic Systems. Sarah is a systems engineer with professional certification in project and risk management experienced in leading large multidisciplinary programs and projects.

She has spent much or her career working with world class astronomical observatories in Hawaii and Chile, but has also worked in the finance, health, high tech, and defense industries.

While Sarah does provide some local consulting services, she spends most of her time working remotely from her Regina office on telescope projects around the world. She is currently the risk manager for the Giant Magellan Telescope (@GMTelescope) as they design and build one of the next generation of extremely large ground based observatories, and is providing systems engineering support to W. M. Keck Observatory (@keckobservatory) as they develop the capability to remotely operate their telescopes at night.

Event details

12 pm, Friday, October 25
Design Week HQ, 410 22nd St E, Saskatoon, SK.
Saskatoon, SK.

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